Embodied Life™ Johanneshof Graduate Retreat


Dates: Friday April 5th to Wednesday April 10th
Time: ?
Location: Zen Center Johanneshof
Tuition: €450 or $450
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Dear ELMP Grads,

We are thrilled to gather at Johanneshof Zen Center April 5-10 to deepen our practices and explore guiding others in this work.

As our community matures, we realize that integrating a pre-planned curriculum with interactive, group driven study is the most potent model for our next steps. Your interests and questions will help guide the specifics.

A few of our personal enthusiasms:

Over the past few years we have experienced greater clarity about the use of Spatial Awareness and what we call “space shifting” for:
-activating change when stuck
-creating new possibilities in a relationship entanglement
-giving reliable access to the “larger space” or spiritual world.

We sense that many of us are at a plateau in our meditation practice that will benefit from an accelerant. We look forward to activating this possibility.
The inseparability of language, particularly metaphor, from embodied experience, and how to adapt that for ourselves and others.
The possibilities that emerge from our ever-deepening relationship to the Earth (grounding), Atmosphere ( breathing) and the Golden Ball (centering).

As we continue to ripen in our understanding, we recognize that our two intentions, 1) deepening practices and 2) guiding others are, fundamentally, one.

Deepening practices, for us, means to really see how these teachings are life path of moving from a limited, historic self-identity to a more universal, awareness-based sense of self. That does not mean that the path is the same for everyone. Rather that each of us, on a path of awareness, need to be able to:
-Sit consistently with our own life process with acceptance, care and curiosity
-Know ourselves in both movement and stillness
-Authentically and reliably access the “Larger Self, True I, Original Nature”, as we take care of and learn from our historic self–dentities.

The uniqueness of “The Embodied Life” is the diversity of practices within this one vision: Awareness, inner and outer, warmed by loving-kindness, changes everything. We can know this as our most essential state!

One of the most potent ways of deepening our practice is to learn the keys to guiding others. This is obvious for “Embodied Life Teachers” yet equally true for those who have no intention of guiding others. Looking “behind the curtain” of these teachings is helpful for everyone.

For example:
-What is unique about Embodied Meditation and how to offer it to “anti-meditators”
-Why a meditation practice gets stuck or is difficult to maintain
-How to teach Focusing without teaching Focusing.

Our main intention – that each of us experience a new level of warm-hearted awareness and that we naturally share this in our lives.

We truly hope you can join us for this retreat. Being together will bring great Joy.

From our hearts to yours… Russell and Linda