Let’s Bow Together


Meditations Guided By Russell Delman in English and German

A book of unedited transcriptions from meditations and talks about meditation given in The Embodied Life Mentorship Program (ELMP), held at Villa Unspunnen in Wilderswil, Switzerland and Johanesshof Zen Center in Herrischried, Germany between October 2016 and April 2019

Lovingly put together by three Embodied Life™Mentorship Graduates; Ingeborg Vonholt from Hannover, Germany, Sarita Keller-Provini form Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland and Lynn Catania-Voeffray from Basel, Switzerland.

Ebook versions are available online. Europeans might find lower postage costs at: BoD.com/buchshop Click Here to purchase.

Let’s Bow Together: Meditations Guided by Russell Delman in English and German