Welcome to the home page for Russell and Linda Delman and The Embodied Life School™.

We offer seminars, retreats, mentorships and consulting internationally, dedicated to liberating our  human potential by cultivating awareness at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual.

Awareness is a most powerful healer, guiding us back to wholeness. When the “True ‘I’ of Awareness” can be present for ANY temporary state, including potent feelings and challenging moments, these states pass through us, rather than take up residence in our mind/body.

 In essence, our work is about supporting each of us to shift from chronic stress and discontent to feeling at home in ourselves and our life. We call this moving from “fear to love” as our basic operating principle. 

For us, love is not just a word, it is basic openness, presence and curiosity infused with warm-heartedness. Healthy children live from this state. While fear is an important motivational response to specific threats, we see that in modern life, for many,, this state – whether called anxiety, trauma, stress or dis-ease – has become our chronic “home base”. Listening to our fears in embodied ways, we can learn from them and, in a natural way, let them go. 

All The Embodied Life™ programs integrate Zen-based Meditation, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Spatial Dynamics, Focusing, Communication Practices and Guided Inquiry. 

“We are living in a powerful historical moment with both vast potential for life to blossom and great challenges. As more people develop the capacity for authentic, holistic awareness, there is a spontaneous movement toward caring for Life. The Embodied Life School is one of many small groups of people throughout our planet dedicated to the realization of Love, Wisdom and Freedom as the evolutionary direction for humanity.

– Russell Delman

Founders and Main Guides

Russell’s dedication to the study of awareness and human potential began in 1970. The main influences on his teaching are more than fifty years of Zen meditation, close relationship and training with both Moshe Feldenkrais and Eugene Gendlin, deep study of somatic psychology and his rich family life.

Linda, inspired by great curiosity from a young age, would accompany friends to churches and temples from diverse spiritual traditions. She actively began studying yoga and meditation in her early twenties, before beginning study with Moshe Feldenkrais. In addition to studying in various movement traditions, somatic psychology, Spatial Dynamics and Zen, Linda is strongly influenced by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf education.


“The Embodied Life School has been and will continue to be a great influence on my life. I am in my second ELMP. My first was with Russell teaching and now my second has both Russell and Linda. Combining their two backgrounds as Feldenkrais trainers, his devoted Zen practice of 50 years and her lifetime of Interfaith spirituality brings a firm foundation for seekers of awareness through freedom.”

– Wolfgang Bauml, Vienna, Austria
Notary and Classical Pianist

“I am a Feldenkrais Graduate and new to the Embodied Life work. Linda was the Educational Director of my training and now teaches with Russell in my Embodied Life Mentorship program. For me it feels so whole to have both a man and a woman’s voice in the room, as well as their different styles of teaching and different ways of “knowing” wisdom. I am very grateful.”

– Cynthia Rogers
USA, Feldenkrais Teacher