Seminars, Retreats, Mentorships


Seminars are 1 to 3-day experiences, usually meeting from 10:00 – 5:00, often  focused on  a specific theme. All seminars include: Guided Meditations, Movement Lessons, Awareness Practices, interactive learning, and enriching talks.

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Retreats are residential events spanning 3 – 5 days. Our daily study starts with morning meditation before breakfast, followed by two, 2.5 – 3 hour sessions, interspersed with breaks. We always have a long afternoon pause for digestion, relaxation and reflection. Evening meditation, after dinner, concludes the day. Immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings, excellent cuisine, and transformative learning.

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The Embodied Life™ Mentorship Program (ELMP) is a three-year journey of self-awareness and transformation. Join a diverse group of people committed to cultivating skills like: present moment awareness, bodily connection, emotional intimacy, deep listening, and authentic communication. This program caters to personal growth and, for some, enhancing professional effectiveness.

Program Details: The ELMP includes six-weeklong residential segments over three years, supplemented by online sessions. Engage in embodied meditation, movement explorations, dialogues, and interactive practices. The curriculum is developmental, each week building on the last. Russell and Linda, the mentors, offer optional private meetings and communication via email between segments.

Upcoming ELMP Germany 2024 – 2027: The next ELMP starts in Germany (near Austria) in October 2024, we alternate between Jonathan Seminar Hotel (35 mins from Salzburg) and Johanneshof Zen Center in the Black Forest.

Key Dates:

  • Week 1: Oct 1-6, 2024 (JON)
  • Week 2: April 25-30, 2025 (JOHO)
  • Week 3: Sept 27-Oct 2, 2025 (JON)
  • Week 4: April 17-22, 2026 (JOHO)
  • Week 5: Oct 1-6, 2026 (JON)
  • Week 6: April 9-14, 2027 (JOHO)

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Applications are now open. Join us on this powerful journey!

The Embodied Life™ Mentorship Program (ELMP)

Imagine a group of people committed to a path of integral awareness, consciousness evolution and self-transformation working individually and collectively for three years.

Further, imagine that all participants will grow their capacity for: resting deeply in the present moment with self-observation, a rich bodily sense, intimacy with their feelings, deep listening, and skills to communicate respectfully and authentically.

Our great interest comes from the following intuition: at this moment in history, consciousness is ‘asking’ human beings to ripen individually as ‘whole beings’ (bodily, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and in relationship), while moving toward both individual and collective transformation. After years of observing individuals and communities develop strongly in one or two of these realms yet ignore the others, we are fascinated by the experiment of simultaneously developing these capacities as a community of learners. Said another way, we are being asked to move from fear to love as the dominant operating principle.

This program is for people who want to commit to a path of awakening and living using these methodologies. This commitment is essential, as the program requires dedication to certain practices and studies. In addition to cultivating these practices for personal fulfillment, some people will join the program with the intention of using these skills professionally. Those who already work with people- Feldenkrais teachers, therapists, ministers, life coaches, etc.-will use the training to enhance their effectiveness. Further, some people are interested in learning a new way of working with people and will become Embodied Life Guides.

Embodied Life Graduate (and practicing Embodied Life Teacher) in the US or Europe and non US.

To learn more about the Requirements and Costs of the ELMP or if you are ready to complete the ELMP Application Form.