Lodging at Eisenbuch Zen Center

Please contact us let our office know what your preferred lodging is, since we create the lodging map.

Zenhouse: Bath and toilet on same floor.
Single room E85 per night – E340 for 4 nights
Double room E75 per night – E300 for 4 nights

Seminarhouse: Room with bath and toilet.
Single room E95 per night – E380 for 4 nights
Double room E80 per night – E320 for 4 nights
Multi bed room E65 per night – E260 for 4 nights

Apartment: Cottage with shower/bathtub, toilet, kitchenette and internet
Single room E130 per night – E520 for 4 nights
Double room E100 per night – E400 for 4 nights
Multi bed room E80 per night – E320 for 4 nights

Other Costs:
Special diet E5 per day. Please let our office know of any special dietary needs in advance.
Linens and towel E18
Due to the sharp increase in energy and food prices, Eisenbuch will charge an operating cost surcharge of E10 per day/person.

Payment to Eisenbuch:
Eisenbuch requests that you transfer your housing/food fee in advance
Raiffeisenbank Reischach
IBAN DE 24 7016 9530 0000 858510

Confirmations: If you will need a confirmation after the course, please contact us and include your name and address.

For questions to Eisenbuch directly info@eisenbuch.de